Creative Writing Bootcamp


Get started on your first – or next – writing project by learning about story structure, character development, and SO much more!

Do you have the desire to learn to express yourself through creative writing?

Learn to organize and plot your story, from your first inspiration through editing. This course includes

    • videos
    • templates
    • resources

covering a full range of topics, from

    • character development
    • story arc and Order of Events
    • World building
    • Creative Word Play
    • Point of View

Join author Margreit Maitland in the adventure of a lifetime – writing YOUR book!

Who this course is for:

The beginning writer, faced with a blank page.

The┬á“stuck” writer, with a story ready to blossom.

The aspiring writer who wants to learn more and follow a blueprint toward their first creative work.

About your instructor:

Margreit is the author of Runaway at Sea, and often leads creative writing workshops for children and adults throughout the year. Her writing bridges that sweet spot between creative non-fiction, adventure, and historical fiction that is sought by many writers today.

This course includes:

Downloadable resources.

Hours and hours of videos

Writing worksheets and templates

Students in Creative Writing Bootcamp will not only learn more about going from ÔÇśstart to printÔÇÖ with their writing project, they will also have publishing opportunities with Red Penguin Books, including literary journals and anthologies. DonÔÇÖt just write – get published!

Learn, grow, and express yourself … through┬ácreative writing!

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