Horror Writing – Lesson 1, Getting Started


Getting started:

Choosing the right way to go for you. Everyone has their own way of doing things and in writing it is even more so. Lets take a look at some different ways to start writing. 

Getting started

    1. Storyboards
    2. Outline 
    3. Free Style

A. Storyboards: 

What is a storyboard? In short it is a collection of sketches and comments to show how a story will come together. This may be on single sheets of paper, posterboard, sticky notes and even a computer. 

When starting a storyboard, the writer starts off like any other way, at the beginning. He or she may show a sketch of the main character as they envision them along with a few notes describing the character. The writer will continue this method until they have enough information compiled to start writing. 

To anyone else it may look like a jumbled-up mess but to the author it makes all the sense in the world. The writer will come back to the storyboard many times and even adjust it to fit what they have figured out. Adding new characters, scenes, and places. The storyboard can be as time consuming as writing itself. This does not mean it is a bad way to start on the contrary. It is useful and serves the purpose the writer needs it to.

B. Outline:

An outline is a collection of notes explaining what is going on in the story. This is where the writer will develop characters, chapter, and scenes prominent to the story. It will not tell the whole story but just enough for the author to understand where they need to focus. An outline can be as simple as a circle flow chart with few notes or many. 

It can be as detailed a pyramid with many detailed comments explaining every aspect of the story. It is all up to the person doing the outline. There are many authors who choose this method of starting and it works well for them. 

C. Free Style:

This is pretty much like it sounds, the writer starts writing one word at a time and soon he or she has the first paragraph and even the first page done. 

  1. K. Mullins is a free style writer, he starts writing as he is thinking it. Sometimes this leads to mistakes that later he will find and correct. Free style is not for everyone some need a story board others need an outline. The starting style is for you the writer to choose there is no right or wrong way to start. The only wrong way is not start at all.