Horror Writing – Lesson 5, Putting it all together

Putting all together:


When you have finally finished all the research, outline, storyboard, chose your sub-genre it is time to write your book or story. This is the best time for you to decide the direction you will take in the telling of your story. Chose a title that speaks to you and means something, don’t pick something at random, put a lot of thought into this because it is your child, and you are naming it. 

Do a first draft without going back to edit it, one of the biggest mistakes a new author makes is constantly going back and forth editing before they have even finished the story. Doing this can frustrate a new author to the point of never finishing their story. Don’t allow yourself to fall victim to this obstacle. 

Complete the first draft without looking back, then set it aside for a week or even a month to give yourself time to recoup. When you have given yourself sometime away from the story you are allowing your mind to reset. This will make it easier to spot mistakes that you may miss otherwise. 

Hire an editor, spending money on a good editor can be costly but well worth it. They will spot things you will miss even if you are a grammar nut. Everyone misses things when we edit our own work, we are human, and it is easy to ready something we have written and think everything is good when actually we have missed a word or two. This is a trick our minds play on us.