Are you looking for quality online programming for your library?

Now you can offer “Creative Writing Bootcamp” as an online class for your library patrons.

Online students will learn to organize and plot their story, from first inspiration through editing along with author and teacher Margreit Maitland. This course includes videos, templates, and resources covering a full range of topics, including:

  • Character Development
  • Story Arc and Order of Events
  • World Building
  • Creative Word Play
  • Point of View

Visit to see a complete list of topics, videos and resources.

We can customize a package that suits your library, including such options as:

  • course access time – which can be set from 30 days to unlimited – the option is yours
  • “live” visit with author and instructor Margreit Maitland – this can be arranged on Zoom for the start of the course to inspire and energize your writers, mid-point as a Q&A, or at the end, coupled with a group reading
  • publishing opportunities for participants – what a great way to inspire creativity by turning it into a public project!

Just fill out the form below, and we will contact you to discuss options and pricing. We can also arrange a free trial for you to assess the course yourself before signing up if you like.