Marketing Your Book

A great opportunity to learn, plan and strategize on growing your audience and positioning your book for success!

Perhaps you already wrote your book, or better yet are still in the planning stages …

Writing a book and selling a book are vastly different activities, so learn to study the top sellers, optimize your Amazon listing, build an audience, and sell more books.

This is what best selling crime novelist Michael O’Keefe had to say about Stephanie Sands Larkin’s Marketing Your Books course from Red Penguin Books:
Stephanie Sands Larkin is a publishing guru, and the President of Red Penguin Books. Her knowledge of the independent publishing landscape is encyclopedic in scope, and her ability to share the information in her Marketing Your Books instruction class is unparalleled.
Every independent author should avail themselves of this course. The indie publishing world is vast and labyrinthine. Stephanie is like a sherpa through this wilderness. I would be lost without the on-point direction this class provided. Spend the time letting Stephanie help you put your books front and center. You will be glad you did.

Who this course is for:

The person who wrote one—or perhaps even many—books

The person still writing a book, or perhaps even still in the planning stages

The person looking for no or low-cost strategies to position their book and build their audience

About your instructor:

Stephanie is the head penguin of Red Penguin Books, a publisher, ghostwriter, and marketing professor who loves working with writers of all levels to ‘unleash their inner author.’

“Stephanie Larkin is every writer’s dream–she offers unending support in every way. The “Marketing Your Books” class offers invaluable advice, helpful criticism, and tons of encouragement. Her friendly and outgoing presence puts all authors at ease, regardless of their level of experience, and she provides the perfect forum for give-and-take discussion. Whether you’re starting out on a fledgling writing career, or you’re a seasoned author looking to improve your skills, you can benefit from Stephanie’s caring and helpful guidance.”
~ William J. McGee
Award-winning author of HALF THE CHILD, and award-winning travel journalist and Aviation Adviser for Consumer Reports and author of ATTENTION ALL PASSENGERS

This course includes:

Hours of informative videos on book marketing techniques and strategies

Invaluable downloadable resources

Actionable strategies to apply to your book TODAY

Hear From More Past Students

“I found the book marketing course to be extremely helpful. Prior to knowing about the course I already began researching ways on how to market my book. I was coming up with outdated and slightly negative information. I’ve also seen courses floating around the internet for hundreds of dollars just for an hour pre-recorded video selling false promises (piece of advice beware of certain youtube marketers). Some of the information I gained from the course was also on the internet but it was vaguely written and not very well explained.
However, Stephanie Larkin’s course gave 4 weeks of training entailing pre-recorded videos, updated resources, and LIVE zoom classes. The zoom classes were my favorite! It opened the floor to engage with the instructor and the participants, and hear about their book marketing experience and the routes they took. It also gave people the opportunity to share their ideas. I’ve learned things I’ve never knew before, for example, I’m getting bookmarks made as a marketing tool. Everyone LOVES a good bookmark. I know I do!
Overall, it was a wonderful course. I’m happy I was able to join and I look forward to many more helpful tips. I like to learn everything I could!”
~ Bernice Burgos, author of “Trapped Inside Humanity” and “Angel: The Memories of Eden & Earth”
“As an author with my first book on the verge of publication, I was a “newbie” with regard to all aspects of marketing my book. This course laid out in easy-to-follow steps so many tools and strategies I will need to make my book known and available to the public. Each presentation was full of information and resources that I never would have even thought to utilize. For anyone who is currently writing a book or who has already published one, this course is invaluable, and I highly recommend it.”
~ Sylvie Bordzuk, author of “Mystery At Sea”
“Stephanie is a very knowledgable, outgoing and enthusiastic teacher.
She breaks down her course into videos to watch, materials to download and zoom meetings with other authors.
She keeps you interested and excited about writing and publishing your book.
I am looking forward to the next course.”
~ Janet Metz Walter, author of “The 2 Carrot Ring”
“Red Penguin’s “Marketing Your Book” Class was a wonderful introduction into the basics of developing and executing a strategy to navigate the complicated world of book marketing. The class includes essentials that every author should know before they ever put pen to paper and then methodically works through the ever-changing world of literary marketing–both through online vendors and in-person promotional events. If you’re going to put your heart into writing a book, you owe it to yourself to go the next mile to ensure it’s success by applying the key techniques and strategies espoused in the Red Penguin “Marketing Your Book Class.” I highly recommend it!”
~ David Lange, author of “Quest”
“Thank you for an outstanding marketing class! The content was so relevant to the current digital landscape and I learned so much about Amazon categories and how an author can drive email campaigns that are game changing!  The way you communicate to the students is not only very clear but most importantly  inspirational! You are very supportive of your authors endeavors and it shows.
I loved how comfortable you make it for anyone to ask a question and contribute. Looking forward to more classes!”
~ Terry P. Beasley, Assistant Director FSO Talent Attraction & Acquisition (TA 2 ), EY Americas

Positioning your book

Priming your Amazon page

Preparing promotional material

Preparing for the future

Book Marketing Level 1

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Book Marketing Levels 1 & 2

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