Poetry Workshop

A wonderful opportunity to learn, write and grow as a poet.

Do you have the desire to learn to write the best poem that you can write?

Explore various types of poetry and discover which tap into your soul, including

  • Ekphrastic poetry
  • Free Verse
  • Poems of Mourning
  • Letter Poems
  • Blank verse

And more, as you explore the poetry of

  • Robert Frost
  • Emily Dickenson
  • George Ella Lyon
  • Rita Dove
  • William Carlos Williams

And more, along with award-winning poet Linda Trott Dickman.
Students in “Unleash Your Inner Poet” will not only learn more about going from ‘start to print’ with their writing project, they will also have publishing opportunities with Red Penguin Books, including literary journals and anthologies. Don’t just write – get published!

Who this course is for:

The absolute beginner.

The poet who hasn’t written since they were in school.

The poet who wants to improve in the company of other poets.

About your instructor:

Linda Trott Dickman has been a poet since the age of 10 and a teacher of poets for over 40 years. She is the author of three chapbooks: ​Robes, the Art of Being Covered; The Air That I Breathe; a​nd ​Road Trip​ (2019 first prize winner, Local Gems Press NaPoWriMo contest), and has been published in a variety of anthologies.

This course includes:

Downloadable resources.

Hours of videos

Publishing opportunity – don’t just write, GET PUBLISHED!.

Learn, grow, and express yourself … through poetry!

Pay Upfront

1 Payments of