Making a Mystery ~ with Linda Maria Frank




“Making a Mystery with Annie Tillery”

I’ve developed a course that enables authors and readers to see the opportunities available for creating mysteries with engaging characters, plots full of history, mystery and science, that will be satisfying to write, and create a fun, exciting read for the target audience. Exercises and examples enabling practice are included.

  • Writing a mystery, like any other genre requires the development of plot, character and setting.
  • Setting can be a character, all on its own. It can be used and most often is, to create mood, so important in mysteries.
  • Writing a mystery for kids requires the same elements as adult mysteries, but needs special attention to some elements, like sex, violence, the depth of forensic science, language, etc.
  • Writing a mystery for kids is a tremendous opportunity to include elements of science and history relevant to the plot in a way they can digest.
  • Looking at it another way, when writing mysteries for young readers, the author needs to respect their knowledge of science and technology, often deepen than that of many adults.
  • Development of characters is the factor that will make a stand-alone or series capture readers.
  • See how plot, character and setting are developed to create a compelling mystery.

Join me on this exciting journey!

Author and Instructor Linda Maria Frank