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Creative Writing

From character development to planning your plot, story arc to writing techniques, get started on creative writing with adventure author Margreit Maitland on the adventure of writing.

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Poetry Workshop

Learn different styles of poetry, receive feedback on your own work, and grow in confidence in this hands-on poetry workshop with award winning poet Linda Trott Dickman.

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Book Marketing

Writing a book and selling a book are vastly different activities, so learn to study the top sellers, optimize your Amazon listing, build an audience, and sell more books.

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Meet Our Teachers

Experienced authors and teachers to guide you and your writing


Margreit Maitland

Margreit is the author of Runaway at Sea, and often leads creative writing workshops for children and adults throughout the year. Her writing bridges that sweet spot between creative non-fiction, adventure, and historical fiction that is sought by many writers today.

Linda Trott Dickman

Linda is the author of Robes: The Art of Being CoveredThe Air That I Breathe and Road Trip. She is the former Bard’s Laureate 2017-2019 for the Bard’s Initiative and has served on its board, and is the current coordinator of poetry for the Northport Arts Coalition (Northport, NY.) Linda has been teaching poetry to children for over 35 years.

Stephanie Larkin

Stephanie is the head penguin of Red Penguin Books, a publisher, ghostwriter, and marketing professor who loves working with writers of all levels to ‘unleash their inner author.’


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